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just-dreaming-in-realityy asked:

So, I have a question. I'll be going to school for mortuary science soon. But a friend of mine passed away recently.. 4 days ago. The family doesn't seem to have any plans due to money.. There's no obituary or anything. What do they do with the body?

I am very sorry for your loss. To answer your question, in NC we have a state assistance fund for those unable to afford a funeral which is $1500 per person that qualifies for it. It covers a basic burial or cremation. Any person in a very dire financial situation gets a funeral just like those with the ability to pay for one do. No person that passes away is disrespected. Many states have a fund like this just to cover costs for those that are absolutely unable to pay for a funeral. As for what happens to the body it is kept at a funeral home/morgue until the burial/cremation can take place. Nothing happens without consent from the next of kin just like in any other situation. I hope this answered your question!

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